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USC TRiO hosts “Careers in the Film Industry” workshop

Participants in this Summers Educational Talent Search Program receive advice on the many opportunities in their backyard.

The USC TRiO program in partnership with the California Film Commission held a “Careers in the Film Industry” workshop for TRiO Educational Talent Search program participants.  They welcomed Hollywood producer Becky Sloviter, to discuss the many careers available in television and film.  Sloviter, whose credits include “The Cabin in the Woods, “You, Me and Dupree” and the Oscar nominated film “The Black Swan” focused on telling students that there are many roles, or jobs, that are needed in order to produce a television show or film.

Hollywood Producer, Becky Sloviter, shares her experiences she has had on various film sets. (USC Photo/Saul Garcia)

Sloviter stressed, that “living in Los Angeles, is a major advantage”, since the industry is right in the participants backyard and residents don’t have to worry about relocating because there are ample opportunities locally.  She also stressed that some jobs may take hard work and long odd hours, but that the notion of “you have to know someone” is a big misconception and pointed to multiple of examples, including herself, of big names in Hollywood that started off in entry level production positions.

USC TRiO Educational Talent Search program participants learn about opportunities in the entertainment industry. (USC Photo/Saul Garcia)

“The opportunity is too big to pass up!” said Sloviter, “There is so much diversity on set, you may need to start off as a PA (production assistant), but you can work your way up and have an awesome career.” The Educational Talent Search Program provides academic, career and financial counseling to encourage students to graduate from high school and continue on to post-secondary education. The program provides other career exploration workshops through the year. Talent Search also provides academic opportunities for youths who are at risk by encouraging them to reengage with the educational system, complete their high school education and continue on to higher education. “We are excited to provide exposure to careers in the film industry to our students” said Theda Douglas. Associate Senior Vice President of Government Partnerships and Programs.