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On May 2nd the University of Southern California Health Sciences Campus hosted the annual Health and Science Expo, a project that introduces local 5th grade students from the HSC Family of Schools: Griffin, Murchison and Sheridan to science and health concepts, curriculum and potential careers.

Students from the USC School of Pharmacy and the USC Keck School of Medicine were paired with 11 5th grade classrooms to work closely over the course of 6weeks to develop different science and health projects that culminated in a one-day competition at the Health Sciences Campus. More than 350 5th graders were introduced to a variety of scientific fields, while gaining an understanding of the scientific method and how to conduct a science experiment.

During the expo, the children were gathered at the heart of the Health Sciences Campus where they set up their poster boards and their experiments and eagerly explained their work to the community judges, including members of the Boyle Heights Chamber of Commerce, the Consulate General of Mexico, Bravo Medical Magnet High School, White Memorial Medical Center Community Leadership Council, Keck Medical Center and USC Academic Partnerships. The elementary students also had the opportunity to learn from health experts from the Keck Medical Center about the importance of hand hygiene, germs and nutrition through fun learning activities that were held during the day.

photo by: Jordana Sheara

Additionally, as part of the program more than 100 students participated in an essay contest where they were asked to write a 1-to 2-page essay about the importance of eating healthy foods. The winning contestants will go on a field trip to Catalina Island USC Marine Institute.

Congratulations to the 2014 USC Science Fair winners:

First Place
Title: Water Quality in Our Community & School
School: Sheridan Street Elementary, Room 47

Second Place
Title: Mr. Clean vs Alcohol
School: Murchison Street Elementary, Room 48

Third Place
Title: Get Eggcited
School: Griffin Street Elementary, Room 15

Third Place Winner Water Quality First Place