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The Chronicle of Higher Education recognizes the USC Neighborhood Academic Program

February 5, 2017

In recent article, 4 Parent-Education Programs and Their Lessons for Colleges,  Chronicle of Higher Education recognizes the USC Neighborhood Academic Initiative as a model for engaging parents to help all children succeed.


How it works:

Part of the University of Southern California’s Neighborhood Academic Initiative, a seven-year precollege enrichment program for low-income students from neighborhoods around the university, the institute offers 16 Saturday seminars for parents. Parents elect a leadership governance board, attend field trips, and raise money for the program.


Ninety-nine percent of students who participate in the initiative go to college, and 75 percent of them graduate. Forty-one percent of participants have gone to USC.


Mean what you say and say what you mean. The community has a long memory, particularly if promises are made and then rescinded. Create a leadership body of parents to act as ombudsmen between the administrators of the programming and the community. Always come from a perspective of strength. There may be needs in the community, but your parents bring many strengths to the table.