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NAI Curriculum

The NAI academy offers enhanced classes at USC on weekday mornings, the Saturday Academy, after-school tutoring, remedial and enrichment sessions, workshops on time management and study skills, PSAT and SAT1 preparation, cultural field trips and recreational activities.

Before school each day throughout the academic year, NAI scholars meet on the University Park campus from 7:30 to 9:30 a.m. for enhanced classes taught by teachers from their home schools. The scholars receive full academic credit for these courses, which cover the following subject matter:

  • Grade 7: pre-algebra (students must complete Algebra 1 prior to graduation from 8th grade)
  • Grades 7 and 8: language arts
  • Grade 9: English and geometry
  • Grade 10: English and algebra
  • Grade 11: American literature/expository composition and math analysis/trigonometry
  • Grade 12: Advanced-placement English literature and either advanced-placement statistics or calculus

Supplementing these early-morning classes, NAI scholars attend the Saturday Academy, which meets for four hours every Saturday to provide enriched as well as remedial instruction in English/language arts and mathematics. Courses incorporate lectures, tutoring and small-group exercises, and are taught by professional teachers, paid and volunteer tutors and teaching assistants from USC’s student body, and NAI alumni. In addition, peer tutoring and cooperative learning activities maximize opportunities for scholars to learn from one another and reinforce the knowledge they have gained.

NAI scholars also receive two hours per week of structured after-school tutoring.