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USC Government and Civic Engagement

Thomas S. Sayles
Senior Vice President, University Relations
(213) 740-5371

Martha Escutia
Vice President, Government Relations
(213) 740-5371

Craig S. Keys
Associate Senior Vice President, Civic Engagement and Economic Development
(213) 740-4583

Linda Zukowski
Senior Executive Director of Development, University Relations
(213) 740-7953

Theda Douglas
Associate Vice President
Government Partnerships and Programs
(213) 821-6536

Lisa Gallegos
Executive Director of Administration and Finances
(213) 743-2073

Kim Thomas-Barrios
Executive Director, Educational Partnerships
(213) 740-6313

Executive Director, Academic Partnerships
(213) 821-1101

Federal Relations
Office of Federal Relations
David Brown
Associate Senior Vice President
(202) 824-5860 

State Government Relations
Janet Lopez
Executive Director
(916) 637-8982

Local Government Relations
David Galaviz
Executive Director, Local Government Relations
(213) 743-2231

HSC Community Partnerships
Zul Surani
Director, Health Sciences Campus Community Partnerships
(323) 442-7808

Academic Community Outreach

USC Dana and David Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences

Tammy Anderson
Director, Joint Educational Project
(213) 740-1824

Lyndell Whitley
Education Program Coordinator, Sea Grant Program
USC Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies
(213) 740-1964

Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC

Roseann Mulligan
Associate Dean for Community Health Programs
(213) 740-1084

Cheryl Resnik
Assistant Professor of Clinical Physical Therapy
Biokinesiology & Physical Therapy
(323) 442-2868

USC Rossier School of Education

Diane Yoon
Outreach Projects Manager
(213) 740-2996

USC Viterbi School of Engineering

Larry Lim
Director, Pre-College Programs
Center for Engineering Diversity
(213) 740-1999

USC Gould School of Law

Malissa Barnwell Scott
Student Programs Advisor
(213) 740-9930

Keck School of Medicine of USC

John Davis
Director, Med-Cor Program
(626) 457-6650

Zul Surani
USC Cancer Center
(323) 442-7808

USC Thornton School of Music

Susan Helfter
Director of Outreach Programs
(213) 740-3129

USC School of Pharmacy

Mel Baron
Associate Professor of Clinical Pharmacy
(3230 442-2686

USC Fisher Museum of Art

Vanessa Jorion
Education Coordinator
(213) 740-4561

USC Office of Student Affairs

Christina Yokoyama
Director, Norman Topping Student Aid Fund
(213) 740-7575

USC Administration/Financial Services

Rhonda Thornton
Director, Supplier Diversity Services
(213) 821-1787